IFIP 18th International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management
11-14 July 2021, Curitiba, Brazil


[:en]PLM17 was organized by UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE in Spain, from 10 to 12 July 2017. The main organizer was prof. José Rios.

Some details about PLM17:

  • Conference program is here.
  • The final version of the proceedings is available here.

Topics of primary interest at PLM 17 were as follows (but not limited to) :

  • Lifecycle Cyber-Security issues
  • Lifecycle assessment and sustainability
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Oil & Gas Plant lifecycle
  • Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
  • Product/Service/Systems (PSS)
  • Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
  • Smart/intelligent/Meta/Hybrid products
  • PLM educational and training approaches
  • Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM)
  • Interoperability and systems Integration
  • PLM and innovation
  • Ontologies and languages
  • Agile PLM
  • PLM tools: PDM, CAD, CAM, CAPP…
  • Traceability and performance
  • Configuration & change engineering/management
  • Cloud Computing and Mobile PLM
  • Knowledge sharing, re-use and preservation
  • Metrics, standards and regulation
  • BigData analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Infrastructure/implementation process
  • Supply Chain and Value Chain Integration
  • Collaborative development architectures
  • Social networks impact