Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Confidentiality policy

This confidentiality policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) is applicable to all information that may be obtained by Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Higher Education “Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology”, Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) 1115000005922, located at: Russian Federation, 143 025, Moscow region, Odintsovskiy district, Skolkovo village, Novaya St, 100., address for correspondence: 143026, Moscow, Territory of Innovation Center “Skolkovo”, Nobel Str., 3, (hereinafter referred to as “Skoltech”) regarding the user (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) of the web-site.

By using the Site the User unconditionally agrees with the Policy and terms of processing of his Personal information (as it is defined hereinbelow) indicated in the Policy. If the User does not agree with these terms the User should refrain from using the Site.


  1. Personal information
    • Within the Policy the term “Personal information” means the following:
      • The information which the User independently provides regarding himself during his making order on buying tickets, registration for the conference, including Personal data (as it is defined hereinbelow);
      • Data which is automatically transferred to the Site during its usage with the software installed on a device of the User, including IP-address, data of cookie-files, information regarding the browser of the User and other similar information.
    • Under the Policy the term “Personal data” means the following: any information which relates to the user as a subject of personal data, including his first name, last name, paternal name, address, educational background, profession, contact information (phone, e-mail, postal address) and other information.
    • Skoltech does not check the validity of the provided Personal information. Skoltech assumes that the Personal information is valid.


  1. Purposes of the processing of the Personal information
    • Skoltech collects and stores only that Personal information, which is necessary for using the Site and execution of the agreements between the User and Skoltech, except for situation when obligatory storage of Personal information is stated by law during the term indicated in the law.
    • The Personal information is processed for the following purposes:
      • Identification of the parties of the agreements between Skoltech and the User;
      • Communications with the User, including sending notifications, requests and information regarding usage of the Site, execution of the agreements as well as processing of the requests and applications of the User;
      • Improving quality of the Site, its usability;
      • Provision of the statistic and other researches on the basis of the anonymized data.


  1. Processing of the Personal information
    • Skoltech provides confidentiality of the provided Personal information.
    • Skoltech executes processing of the Personal data, which includes: collection, systematization, accumulation, correction, updating, amending, usage, distribution, transfer, including cross-border transfer, depersonalization, blocking, erasure, indefinite storage), and any other acts with Personal data.
    • Skoltech follows provision of the Federal law ‘On personal data’ while he is processing Personal data.
    • Processing of the Personal data can be executed with tools of automation or without them.
    • The User gives is consent on possible cross-border transfer of Personal data and gaining informational (promotional) notifications.
    • The User may recall his consent on processing of the Personal data by sending written note or note by e-mail to Skoltech on the address specified on the Site.
    • Skoltech is entitled to transfer Personal informational to third parties in following cases:
      • The User gave his consent on such actions;
      • Transfer is necessary for execution of the concluded which the User agreement;
      • The transfer is stated by Russian or any other applicable law within the procedure stated by the mentioned law;
      • Depersonalized statistic information which is transferred to third party for provision of the research, work or rendering services under instruction from Skoltech is gained as a result of processing of the Personal information.


  1. Processing of the Personal information with Cookie-files
  • Cookie-files transmitted by Skoltech to the equipment of the User and by the equipment of the User to Skoltech may be used by Skoltech for statistic and research purposes and the purpose of improving performance of the Site.
  • The User acknowledges that equipment and software used for visiting web-sites may have function to forbid any operation with cookie-files (regarding all web-sites or any specific websites), as well as function of deleting received cookie-files.
  • Structure of cookie-files, their content and technical settings are defined by Skoltech and may be changed without prior notification of the User.


  1. Measure applicable to keep Personal information confidential
  • Skoltech shall apply all necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures for protection of the Personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, erasure, change, blocking, copying and distribution and other illegal actions with it of third parties.


  1. Miscellaneous
  • Skoltech is able to amend the Policy. In case the amendment is made the date of the last update is indicated in the Policy. The new revision of the Policy is effective as of the date of the distribution of its distribution, except the contrary is stated by the new version of the Policy. The effective Policy is always accessible on the Site.
  • Law of the Russian Federation is applicable to the Policy and relations between the User and Skoltech.


The date of the last update of the Policy: 10th  April, 2019



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